Friday, January 13, 2017

Oil Paint: Black vs. Color

For our last Studio 1 Assignment, we had to create a composition with something black, and other bright colors, and paint it using oil paints. We had to use the color black by mixing other colors together. My goals and intentions in this work were to create interesting colors, and create the shape and value of objects using different shades of the same color. What surprised me most was how you can easily mix several colors and get the exact shade you see in your composition. My drawing is about colors and value, and creating interesting shapes. The most difficult challenge was trying to get my painting to look like the actual composition, and somewhat realistic. I met this challenge by thinking creatively and taking advice from Mr. G and just making it interesting to look at, while still getting the colors I saw. I experienced the shift to artistic thinking when I began to think of the objects as just bunches of color instead of actual objects. I think my drawing really works in the shadows and the colors in the crystal ball and the shoe. Some things I learned were patience, mixing colors, and how to layer paint to make different colors and textures. I really liked how Lauren layered her paint and really showed the colors in the shoes, and I also liked how Misha created her colors and did her shadows. If I had a do-over, I would try and add more texture and value to my painting. I feel the best thing about my work is how I created the shadows and highlights. Also this was a fun last project and I'm gonna miss this class next semester :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oil Pastel Color Study

For this assignment we had to create an interesting colorful composition and draw it using oil pastels. My goals and intentions in this work were to create different colors, especially the ones in the purple vase. I wanted to use different textures and colors to make certain parts stand out. I accomplished this by using the other parts of the paper to mix colors, and taking several pictures of my composition to understand all the different parts. What surprised me most was how easy the pastels blend. My drawing is about an interesting composition, and different values of different colors. The most difficult challenge was definitely getting the right color for the shadow and the blade part of the scissors. I met that challenge by trying different shades and getting advice from Mr. G and my friends. I experienced artistic thinking when I began to mix shades that went together with the other colors in my drawing. My drawing really works in the vase and the background. Some things I learned were blending, shading, and using white to erase. Another artist in the class I learned from was Laura, her pastels blended really well and all her values and colors went together. If I had a do-over I might choose different colors, or try and make it more realistic. I feel the best thing about my work is the different colors and the texture.

Two-Page Artist Spread

This is my two page spread on the artist Van Gogh.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

jpg. #6 Leftovers

For this jpg. challenge, we had to post five or more pictures of our interpretation of "leftovers". For me, I took some things that I've started and haven't finished, or some things that I started and quit or "left behind".

I have many drawings that I've started but not finished, or decided that I don't like, so I consider them "leftovers".

I took ice skating lessons for several years, but then stopped, even though I still like to skate.

These are several books that I found stored away in my closet, that I have started reading but haven't yet finished.

I have many old notebooks that I began writing in, but haven't filled up, I don't usually write in them anymore and they can be considered leftover.

This is my piano. I took piano lessons most of elementary school and middle school, but I stopped and now take guitar, so it is kind of "leftover" since I don't practice as much.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Into the Night- Charcoal Version

For this work I took a picture I had taken of my street late at night, and used charcoal to make it into a drawing. When I go for a walk at night, these shadows and lights are what I see. I tried to show contrast between light and dark, and I also tried to create different textures and values throughout my drawing.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Carry-Out Charcoal Drawing

For this studio assignment we had to draw a Carry-Out carton with chopsticks out of charcoal. My goals and intentions were to make certain values pop out and create a realistic drawing. I accomplished this by experimenting with different shades and different types of charcoal, and by outlining parts of the carton differently. My painting is about dramatic shadows, smoothness, and the contrast between lights and darks. The most difficult challenge I had to face was creating the correct proportions and drawing the chopsticks correctly; and I met that challenge by trying different ways to draw them, and by cropping my composition. My drawing really works on the inside of the carry-out carton. Some things I have learned that I can bring into my next drawing were using new types of charcoal and blending techniques, such as using my eraser. Another person I can name in the class would be Lauren because her drawing was really nice, she had a different composition and a lot of depth to her drawing and she helped me with the shadows. If I had a do over, I might create a new composition and try to draw the chopsticks again. I feel best about how much I improved from my pumpkin charcoal artwork to this artwork.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

jpg. #5 Into the Night

For this jpg assignment we had to take some pictures showing light, shadows, and things such as mystery/drama. Here is what I came up with: