Sunday, November 27, 2016

jpg. #6 Leftovers

For this jpg. challenge, we had to post five or more pictures of our interpretation of "leftovers". For me, I took some things that I've started and haven't finished, or some things that I started and quit or "left behind".

I have many drawings that I've started but not finished, or decided that I don't like, so I consider them "leftovers".

I took ice skating lessons for several years, but then stopped, even though I still like to skate.

These are several books that I found stored away in my closet, that I have started reading but haven't yet finished.

I have many old notebooks that I began writing in, but haven't filled up, I don't usually write in them anymore and they can be considered leftover.

This is my piano. I took piano lessons most of elementary school and middle school, but I stopped and now take guitar, so it is kind of "leftover" since I don't practice as much.

1 comment:

  1. You really approached this challenge like an Artist. In telling us something of yourself you made us think of our own personal "leftovers".