Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oil Pastel Color Study

For this assignment we had to create an interesting colorful composition and draw it using oil pastels. My goals and intentions in this work were to create different colors, especially the ones in the purple vase. I wanted to use different textures and colors to make certain parts stand out. I accomplished this by using the other parts of the paper to mix colors, and taking several pictures of my composition to understand all the different parts. What surprised me most was how easy the pastels blend. My drawing is about an interesting composition, and different values of different colors. The most difficult challenge was definitely getting the right color for the shadow and the blade part of the scissors. I met that challenge by trying different shades and getting advice from Mr. G and my friends. I experienced artistic thinking when I began to mix shades that went together with the other colors in my drawing. My drawing really works in the vase and the background. Some things I learned were blending, shading, and using white to erase. Another artist in the class I learned from was Laura, her pastels blended really well and all her values and colors went together. If I had a do-over I might choose different colors, or try and make it more realistic. I feel the best thing about my work is the different colors and the texture.

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